Frank Candy Professional SpeakerAuthor of 18 books and success guides, Frank Candy runs a real business everyday, and has over 20 years experience on the speaking circuit. He is a successful author, authority and expert, founder and builder of several companies, and respected business leader and strategist.

Frank Candy is a gold medal winner
who applies the same principles of
winning in sports to business -
focus, excellence, preparation, determination,
and the never give up attitude of a winner.

Focusing on these principles has made his programs receive rave reviews from clients all over the world.

Frank Candy is a motivational speaker and professional keynote speaker, and an expert on leadership, teamwork, innovation, change and creativity. Frank Candy explains in customized speeches what to do and how to do it. Frank Candy will get you real results where they count . . . on the bottom line.

Frank Candy uses audience interaction, humor and advanced learning techniques to create high-impact, user-friendly keynotes speeches, and business seminars.

As an innovation expert, author, business turn around specialist, Frank a highly respected thought leader, and has been on the cutting edge of innovation and creativity for maximizing businesses and human potential for many years.

In every keynote speech and business seminar Frank Candy delivers, you will find ideas that work, current trends, action steps, plus suggestions and tips, that help you and your company be more successful to dominate your market.

"Every time Frank Candy speaks to our group he gets a standing ovation!
Frank Candy is one of the very best professional speakers
and keynote speakers we've ever hired!"

Susan Smith, The Winners Circle

Virtually every day Frank is in the boardrooms, showrooms, and tradeshows with clients and customers, plus on stage with demanding business audiences, all over the world. Frank knows how businesses work, and how they must change and grow, or risk failure. As a motivational speaker, he shares it all on stage to the delight of his audiences.

In the every keynote speech, and business seminar, Frank is the motivational speaker who works extra hard for the audience to deliver high content, user-friendly ideas, and information they can really use. He will share how to make it happen and get it done.

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Motivational speaker, professional speaker, public speaker and keynote speaker Frank Candy will help you increase your profits today!