Multi-Generational Teamwork with Baby-Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y

According to very credible sources, in less than a few years, Gen Y people, the ones born between 1981-2001 will make up 32% of the workplace, and within five years, 50% of Senior Managers of Fortune 500 companies will retire.Here is my question for you:  Are you ready with the right understanding, tools and technology to be successful in our ever-changing, high-speed, high-tech, hyper-connected, multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-tasking, social networking, workforce?How do you get the generations currently in the work force: The Silent Generation, the Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y to communicate, work together, and be productive?This is a complex and challenging set of issues everyone faces today, and in the future. This trend is worthy of much study and research on your part, because if you can master communication and collaborate effectively, and be a great leader with this workforce, then you will create value, profit, and job security.I have developed and put into practice the methods and means of managing and leading multi-generational and multi-cultural teams my entire adult life.The one most important combination I am going to unlock for you today is this –First seek to understand, yourself and other people. Learn what is important to you and to them, learn about their values and ways they communicate.How well do you understand their backgrounds, upbringings, circumstances, and experiences that influenced them, and shaped their beliefs, habits, expectations, and values.How do you connect to them in this new, ever-changing, high-tech, world?Once you understand what makes them go and what makes them tick, then you see the bigger picture. Then their methods and strategies become clear.  Frank Candy