Emerging Business Trends

In every Emerging Business Trends Speech, Author and Keynote Speaker. Frank Candy, shares what's going to happen, why it will happen and how you can profit from it.  Plus, Frank Candy will share insights like how to spot, research and track trends to enhance our global future. Here is a question for you - What would you do, what actions would you take, if you knew what was coming next?

This is hard-core emerging business trends and strategies from the real world of business - in the trenches, the shop floor and back offices, and even the boardrooms in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Washington, Miami. and around the world.

Winners are constantly aware of the trends and changes going on in the world, as well as those in their own industry.  If you’re like most business professionals, you know what your current customers, suppliers and competitors are doing.  But do you understand the trends that are impacting, not only your organization, but your customers, your competitors, and your suppliers?

As you can imagine, every audience is different in culture, size, industry, enterprise, and position, so every speech and training Frank Candy delivers is customized for the demographics of the group, and addresses their unique wants, needs, and desires in their industry.

In the Emerging Business Trends speech, Frank Candy has adressed unique subjects including, best business practices, consumer trends and tactics, creativity and innovation, science and technology, learning and education, information technology, marketing, sales, sales management, channel selling, and the big trends for selling on-line to multi-generations in the global marketplace.