Frank Candy, Keynote and Motivational Speaker, in Florida

Frank Candy's customized keynote speech, Winning by Overcoming Adversity and Dealing with Change is the most requested and in demand keynote speech in the last decade. Frank Candy is an author and business expert in Orlando, Florida, Frank Candy is a keynote and motivational speaker, and corporate business speaker, who delivers customized presentations for meetings all over the world.  

Background: Winning is a choice and mindset that can and will overcome adversity. When things are tough, and don't look good, you can choose to win or lose.

This customized speech is all about people who overcame the odds and chose to win, even when the odds were against them.

Frank Candy's speech was a huge success at our annual meeting. When he finished his keynote speech, they gave him a standing ovation. Everyone was talking about his three things that remain constant: Change, Choice and Principles, plus how he explained his multi-generational values model was intriguing. The audience was so engaged and loving it. We are booking Frank Candy for the West Coast meeting next year! Carole Blair, Executive Director, CEO Partners


Here are a few quotes from the latest customized keynote speech, Winning by Overcoming Adversity and Dealing with Change from Frank Candy:

I will vote for, or bet on the person with the will to win every time. Frank Candy

The true measure of who we are, is what we do with what we have. Frank Candy

The difference between a successful group or person is not a lack of power or strength, nor lack of knowledge or wisdom, but rather a lack of will to really want to win.  Frank Candy

A few testimonials:

Frank Candy's business seminar was uplifting, entertaining and very informative. He presented in a manner that was both inspiring and entertaining, while still getting his message across. He spoke from vast knowledge and experience on all subjects. I came away from the presentation inspired to reach new heights both on a business and personal level. I would highly recommend Mr. Candy to anyone who is looking for an amazing, one-of-a-kind speaker that will leave you energized and feeling overwhelmingly positive. Bobby Sutton

Great speaker! Frank Candy was very motivational and had a lot of great ideas for our company. He was able to use lessons that he has learned in life, and relate them to our unique situations seamlessly. I would love to have him speak again! Kendra Donovan

Very useful. Frank was raised with strong hard-working ethics, high moral standards & values.  Frank has excellent in depth knowledge and great presentation skills. I would recommend him to any audience.  Kim Bausch

I really enjoyed listening to Frank Candy our guest speaker & have learned a lot and plan on using his techniques to selling & keeping customers for life. I would recommend him to any company. I would love to see Frank Candy again & just listen to him all over again. Kelli Meister

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