Frank Candy's Introduction

Introduction for Frank Candy

Frank Candy


Our speaker today, Gold Medal Winner, Frank Candy, brings to us a valuable and unique perspective as a successful partner in many business ventures.

He is the Founder, CEO and President of growing companies and the author of 18 books and success guides.

Since 1975, Frank has served in over 44 leadership roles with boards of directors, and committees, for companies and non-profit organizations.

Frank told me - most of his success in these endeavors was due to his willingness to listen and learn from everyone, have a realistic vision of the big picture, to focus like a laser, and strive for excellence in everything he does.

He is currently writing two books, serves on the boards of two non-profit charities, and three companies, plus he is a contributor to five newsletters, and manages twelve web sites.

In his spare time, (pause) Frank is an avid golfer, world traveler, and a devoted volunteer and fundraiser for many charities including: Toys for Tots, The Boy Scouts, Golden Retrevier Rescue, and since 1977, has served as a volunteer and coach for Special Olympics.

His program today is titled: (Fill in the title - each program is customized for the client and audience.)

Please help me welcome, Mr. Frank Candy.  (Opening Applause)