Multi-Generational Teamwork

Multi-Generational Teamwork - The speech for every group that cares about productivity and the future.

In this keynote speech, or seminar - Multi-Generational Teamwork

I describe one of the biggest challenges we face in our future, HOW to get the multiple generations in the workplace to function well.  And I have the solutions and answers to make it happen.

When I deliver the keynote speech or seminar, Multi-Generational Teamwork, I give the group a clear understanding of the four generations in the workplace, I explain their backgrounds, upbringings, circumstances, and experiences that influenced them and shaped their beliefs, habits, expectations and values.

I provide the important facts and figures of each group and sub group. Plus the most important purpose of this keynote speech is HOW to get them to work together.

I answer the three key questions.

1) How do you get the Silent Generation, the Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y to work together?

2) How do you communicate and lead them?

3) How do you connect and sell to them in this new, high-tech, high-speed, hyper-connected, multi-cultural, multi-tasking, social networking world?

According to credible sources, by 2012, Gen Y people born between 1977-1994 will make up over 30% of the workplace, and within five years, over 50% of Senior Managers of Fortune 500 companies will retire.

Here is my question for you – Are you ready with the right knowledge, skill, facts, and tools to manage and lead in the future? Stay tuned, I'll show you how to crack the code Multi Generational Teamwork and win big in the future.

Frank Candy came to our meeting loaded with relevant content and kept everyone in the audience interested, taking notes, and even laughing.

Then he announced he built a special web page just for all of us with downloadable files and links to resources. 

At the end he delivered a powerful story about his shared vision for hope and prosperity with multi-generational teamwork that left everyone feeling very good and energized about our future.

Frank Candy received the only all 10's ratings for speakers for the conference. If you want a speaker who really delivers great value, hire Frank Candy!

L. Owens - Executive Director, CEO Council, Oregon