I've hired Frank Candy to deliver over 30 speeches in seven states. Each time he inspired the audience to overcome the adversity of tough times, motivate them to go to a higher level, and laugh while doing it. Frank is a very gifted person. He is fast on his feet, has a valuable message, a lot of depth, very humorous, and a great speaker.

E. Eldridge. - NGH, New Hampshire

When you got to the "Things I'm Not Allowed to Tell You" part of your talk, I was laughing so hard my sides hurt!

Dr. Laura Shurtz. - OSAE

I received very good feedback from my contacts today! They said you were wonderful and that you spoke on exactly where they are with this transition. You really made me look good as they thanked me for suggesting a speaker and steering them in your direction. The only thing they had planned on doing was a lunch (thank God they didn't!) Everyone was very complimentary and felt that you gave those being replaced hope.

K Lawrence - Bank of America

Your talk on the cruise ship, SS Ecstasy was great. You did it just the way we wanted it. When you made the point about looking past first impressions and looking for the good in everyone and having the right attitude, it was the prefect way to tie it all together. The entire group loved your show. Thanks so much.

Gary Tharaldson. - Fargo, N.D. Tharaldson Enterprises

I've heard many presentations over the years. Yours was the best ever! It was perfect for us! It's been three days since you were with us and I'm still laughing and the group is asking if you will come back next year.

Charlie White - Walt Disney World, Florida

Oh Frank, did you light up the room! We all learned new things to be more productive. Your stories about the Italian Restaurant, Sammy's auto shop, the doctors and the golf mishaps had everyone laughing for the rest of our meeting. It was brilliant the way you tied our industries challenges and your stories all together. Your point on how people and their attitude make the difference was the highlight of our event. Thank you for making us so happy!

Robert Schuster - HSME, Florida

How you could keep a group of guys who sell high technology for a living laughing And learning for 90 minutes was fabulous. This is the fourth time I've heard you and each time was different, brilliant and fresh. You are amazing!

William Young - Internet Services of Texas

On behalf of the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resorts, I want to thank you for your participation in our Administrative Assistant’s Day Celebration. Your presentation was fun and the audience of all women really enjoyed your sense of humor. Frank thank you for your professionalism and for customizing the program to our unique needs. We will definitely keep you in mind for our future events.

Javier Araya
Assistant Training Manager
Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resorts
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Our team really enjoyed meeting you and they are still talking about your program. “Excellent, wonderful, first-rate, and energizing are a few of the comments I received from our group about your program.

I especially appreciate how easy it was to work with both you and your company. You did a great job of customizing your program just for our group and we truly value how hard you worked. You have so much to offer, I wish we had more time with you.

I would be happy to recommend you and your company to anyone I know who is looking to book a first-rate, energetic, motivational speaker

Jim Kern
General Manager
Syntegra (USA) Trading Systems

Just wanted to say "Thanks!" for the inspiring messages at the CNT Sales Conference in Minneapolis on 25 Feb. We all benefited from your wisdom. It's also given us a more positive outlook on things. Hope to see you again soon.

Bob A. De Denko
Computer Network Technology
Walnut Creek, CA

I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your presentation. Your insights will certainly prove useful. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Robert Tidyman, Meeting Coordinator, Ernst & Whitney

Many thanks to you for the outstanding seminar on communications and sales skills. Everyone who attended the presentation felt that they learned a great deal. I am sure our sales staff will be more effective thanks to your tips and strategies.

James Egan, National Sales Manager, Exhibition Contractors Co.

Thank you on behalf of our Allied Membership of OVBTA for the outstanding job you did at our Annual membership meeting. All the attendees commented that your program was exceptional. You can be sure we will be using you again for one of our future meetings.

Patricia McMonagle, Chairman. Ohio Valley Business Travel Association

Thank you for a very professional presentation at our meeting. Your willingness to share your expertise and your commitment to our success will be remembered.

Karen Wester, NASA, National Aeronautics Space Administration, Lewis Research Center Cleveland, Ohio

WOW! The presentation was everything you promised and more. fast paced, entertaining, educational, excellent handout materials, and even a short clip from "Cadillac Man!" I spoke with many of our attendees and they were very pleased . you gave them a lot of great new ideas!

Barbara Miller, Executive Director, CFADA

Just wanted to let you know that I got more out of your portion of the program Neyra meeting in Deerfield, Florida than all the rest put together. Thanks for a great time of learning!

Rick McDonald, Neyra Industries

The feedback was great! We were extremely pleased with the program content and believe the attendees found many ideas they can use and implement in their organizations.

John Struck, Director, Employers Resource Council

Our sales and marketing meeting was a huge success due greatly to your program. Everyone who attended enjoyed the meeting and felt they had participated in a meaningful and enlightening program. Praise coming your way was plenty; I just want to say thanks for your participation. I'm sure we will be together again soon.

Frank B. Ryan, Vice Chairman, Perm Mold, Inc.

The very best presentation of our whole event! Your talk was rated the highest one. It was informative, candid, and nicely reinforced by handouts.

Pat Dambis, Vice President, Meeting Coordinators, Inc.

Thank you for making our meeting one of the best meetings of the year. The interaction with our members, which you incorporated into the meeting, was also a nice touch.

C. Anderson, Vice President Programs, International Special Event Society

I would like to thank you for great power-packed presentations at our march meeting. Both sessions we right on target! Your evaluations were all 5's and 6's, the highest possible ratings. Some of the comments I heard afterwards were: Great!!!. Wonderful!!!. Fantastic!!!. Such Energy and vitality!!!. Good content!!!. What fun!!! Thanks for making us look so good, it's great having people like you on our team.

Richard Simonson, CMP Meeting Professionals International

Many thanks for the fine performance as a speaker for the program Choice, Chance and Change, The Challenge for the Future at FAI's Annual Meeting in Ft. Lauderdale. On a side note, your extra participation and suggestions to improve our event were so helpful and made all of us planning it look good. Thanks again.

Kathy A. Hendrix, Director of Industry Meetings, Forging Industry Association

Just a short note to express my appreciation for the extra time you spent with our CPC group last week. Your management of the event kept it moving and provided some needed "comic relief." Thanks for your help in setting some focus and enabling the next steps in this process.

P.J. "Jerry" Spindler, The Power Zone

That was perfect! You are so funny. The way you interacted with the audience and the CEO was great. You got top ratings and everyone is asking to have you back again.

Linda Wilson - California

Your presentation and the interaction you generated with our members was not only education, but it was fun. We have received nothing but praise for your performance.

Bob Salser, Chapter Chair, International Association of Exposition Managers BH&L Decorators, Inc.

We would like to take this opportunity to personally "Thank You" for your presentation at our annual Telemagic Reseller Conference. Your presentation was very well received, informative timely, and without a doubt, will be very beneficial to all those who participated.

Michael McCafferty, President
Robin J. Story, Vice President
Remote Control International


FANTASTIC! FANTASTIC! FANTASTIC! presentations on Thursday, May 25, 2000 to our workforce at Cutrale Citrus Juices USA, Inc., in Leesburg, Florida. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

We are truly honored to have someone of your caliber work closely with us as we continue to pursue Company excellence. We look forward to a long and everlasting relationship with you both personally and professionally. The alligator hunting story was a favorite for all.

James Baker
Cutrale Citrus Juices

Your opening story about the romance writers was perfect for our group. Everyone told me how much they loved your speech. You are wonderful. Thanks so much.

Mary Cambell - Kentucky

I found Frank Candy's speech very helpful on several accounts. Frank's style is easy to follow; it was interesting and delivered very well. His preparation for this program was outstanding and the handouts were very helpful. Frank's ability to field questions was the best I've ever seen and he showed a real sensitivity to our audience.

Jane Sardelle, Program Development, Federal Reserve Bank