What's in Frank Candy's Suitcase

What's inside my luggage?


A friend of mine - a president of a huge company -- contends that our suitcases and briefcases are windows on our soul. Personally, I never thought of it that way, but I see his point. Now after being on the road since 1970, I've mastered packing for trips. This is interesting … I get stopped on almost every trip and asked about my PorterCase because it's so darn unique and practical. So here is the link check it out. http://www.portercase.com

Special thanks to my friend Mike Morgan who said, "Just write me a big check and I'll get you the best suitcase you every had." Now I trust Mike completely… but this case cost more than my first car I bought in 1967. (It was a 1955 Chevy Bellaire 2-door coupe. Am I giving away my age here?) Anyway Mike was right and I recommend if you are a road warrior, you should consider getting one of these cases.

So here goes… this what I usually travel with:

Two watches; both of them have alarms. One is a fancy, dressy shiny, gold and silver Citizen Quartz with multiple time zones and the other is a Casio Alarm Chrono with timers, and day/date features and it can read my pulse! [No bull.] On some mornings it's nice to know I still have a pulse!

One industrial strength Swiss Army Knife - (This is only when I am driving, it will not make it through airport security.) This is the Ultimate Swiss Army Knife! Don't leave home without it. I carry it in a leather belt holder and have owned one for over 30 years. With 50 features, it is the largest knife in the Victorinox collection. Perfect for hard-core collectors and pocket knife fanatics.

1 pair of wide-angle binoculars, 10X50 magnification, with zip focus. Great for sporting events and checking out stuff from cabs and hotel room widows. One day in Las Vegas I witnessed the sign crew at Caesars Palace putting my name on the Marquee when I was opening for a private show for Texas Instruments with David Copperfield at the Comdex Show. Then I had to go out and buy a camera. Now I have4.5 megapixal camera on my Iphone.

Most often two harmonicas. Preferred harp is the Honer International Bluesband harp in 'C' and one in 'A' - Plus, I have all of the Big River harps in every key.

Hats. At least one baseball cap, and one wool hat. When I was a ski instructor (this was many, many moons ago, I learned about how most of your body heat escapes through your head. So if you want to stay warm, keep your hat on. If you want to avoid the drafts in airplanes, it is helpful to have a hat.

OAG - Never leave home without it! That is, the Official Airline Guide. I bring the real book because I can't rely on my computer, or on-line access. Especially when a flight is canceled and I'm waiting in line to get re-booked.

Many books and now they are all on my Ipad.. A couple are fiction. (Like the one I wrote about functional relationships.) The rest are non-fiction.

Magazines I bring from the mountain of mail that shows up at my office, plus I buy them in airport bookstores on the road, and read the ones in airplanes too.

As far as clothes, I always travel with duplicate suits, shirts and ties. I use hotel cleaners often so I'm not dragging around laundry. I also bring workout clothes; golf shirts work best for this. Just two pairs of shoes, one pair to work out in and usually some comfortable boots. They are very comfortable like the bunny slippers I get to wear on the two cold nights a year at my home in Florida. Also worthy of mention here… The Men's Warehouse. This company is a class act. They have all my sizes in the computer, if I need something quick while I'm on the road; just one phone call and these guys are on top of it.

1 small bag of misc. computer supplies, including surge protectors and plug adapters for every country on earth. I never carry printers. They're everywhere. But I do carry back up software and files. NEVER leave home without them.

1 Iphone and the headset (Man… what did we do before cell phones and e-mail?) The headset is fun in crowds. When you're having a conversation on the phone people think you're talking to yourself and look at you funny!

1 extension cord with multiple outlets [ YA just never know …]

1 extra pair of shoelaces. They have really come in handy for other things, but not my shoes!

1 small, heavy duty, flashlight, and fresh batteries. All my battery operated gadgets and toys take "AA" batteries except my laptop, Iphone and Ipad.

Multiple bottles of Vitamins; I'm fanatical about this. I eat a very good diet (probably too good) but I still use vitamin supplements, herbs and minerals. From my earliest recollection my mother stressed good health. I was so blessed to have such great parents.

1 pack of 3 x 5-inch note cards. Use 'em to record stuff, on the road.

1 wooden train whistle for special effects - toot - toot!

Optional: This is if I'm driving to an event … not flying.

1 Applause acoustic/electric guitar and 1 Peavey Amp.

1 Diamondback 18 speed mountain/trail bike.

1 set of custom-made Optiflex Golf Clubs with the Crush-One-Driver and Budweiser putter I won in a tournament for the longest putt. (It was a very lucky putt!)

Oh did I mention the kitchen sink? Just kidding.